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binding tape

It is divided into parallel and mesh unidrectional binding tape .Mesh unidrectional binding tape is characterized by horizontal open to mesh structure. It has good electrical insulation properties, good flexibility, high tensile strength, high rigidity, good binding strength, easy rewinding utilization rate, B, F, H-class can do long-term continuous work on 130 ℃, 155 ℃,

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Electrical Polyester Shrinkable Tape

Electrical Polyester Shrinkable Band/Tape

Used as coil banding and fastening of transformers, reactors, motors and other products, with a high  rate of heat shrinkage, hot tensile strength, no relaxation and off phenomenon, does not pollute the transformer oil.Structure: plain According to different shrinkage rate is divided into: electrical polyester high shrinkage tape(rate 40% ~ 45%) / electrical polyester low

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Alkali free Glass Fiber Insulating Tape

Alkali-free Glass Fiber Insulating Tape

It is a kind of banded-shaped insulation product woven by alkali-free glass fiber. It is flame retardant, high temperature resistant, and well insulated; it also has good properties of corrosion resistance, less moisture absorption and high tensile strength, which is suitable for insulation binding on transformers, reactors, electrical motor. It can be also used for

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