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PET 6020

PET 6020(Transparent)/6021(milky white)

This product has good dielectric and high mechanical properties.It is widely used for electrical insulation,such as slot insulation,interphase insulation and liner insulation in electric motors,and producing insulating flexible laminates. Parameter No. Properties Unit Vaules Typical Vaules 1 Tensile strength(MD and TD) 25um~100um MPa ≥150 200 100um~250um ≥140 170 >250um ≥110 160 2 Elongation Break(MD and

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NHN 6650 Polyester Film

NHN 6650 Polyester Film & NOMEX Amide Fiber Paper Composite Material

1.Class: Temperature classification is F. 2.Features: Excellent electrical and mechanical properties especially at high temperature and after being humidified. 3.Standard: JB/T4062.1-1995 4.Application: Used for the insulation against ground and between turns as well as liner insulation for coil of motors and apparatus. Parameter Item Unit Value Appearance   The surface should be even and free from wrinkle, blister and

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DMD flexible composite material

6630 DMD Polyester fiber non-woven flexible composite material

Description: Between two layers of polyester fiber non-woven sandwich a layer of polyester film coating and heating compound made of composite products. Temperature grade: B / F. Application: Widely used in slot insulation and liner insulation for motors. Color: Class B is white. Class F is pink. Parameter bended 6630 6630A 6 Elongati-on lengthwise  Normal

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insulation paper NMN

NMN 6640-Polyester Film & Nomex Amide Fiber Paper Composite Material

Standard: GB/T5591.3-2008 Description:It is made of NOMEX amide fiber paper bonded to both sides of polyester film. Characteristics: The products have excellent heat resistance and tear resistance of paper, also have good dielectric strength and mechanical strength of film’s. The products are used as insulation material for F, H class electrical machines. Parameter Items Unit

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DMD Epoxy Prepreg Material

DMD Epoxy Prepreg Material 6440

Standard: JB/T 10942-2010 Description:DMD coated with F-class epoxy modified resin then formed by baking and semi-curing, this material can be quickly cured at high temperatures, firmly bonded with transformer copper foil. No low-molecular volatile matter when drying and curing in formation of very small shrinkage insulating structure. Application: Products are widely used in dry-type transformer

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Flexible Composites PMP

Flexible Composites PMP Capacitor Insulation Paper

Product Introduction: It is a three layer composites, two layers of capacitor tissue paper and one layer of polyimide film/PI film. Properties: 1. Good mechanical strength 2. Nice dielectric properties 3. Reliable heat resistance: B Class Application: Liner insulation for high voltage transformer Parameter properties Unit Values Ⅰ-type Grade   Thickness tolerance     %

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Diamond Dotted insulation paper

Diamond Dotted insulation paper for transformer

Description: It is an insulation material which Coating modified epoxy resin as diamond-shape and baking on the electrical insulation paper. Widely used in the oil-immersed transformers and mutual inductors’ layer insulation and turn insulation. When using, the coating layer begin to melt during the coil drying process at a certain temperature. resulting adhesion. As the

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